Cape Town occupies one of the worlds most stunning locations and is one of the most beautiful Towns in the world. Few other cities have a 1073m-tall mountain situated in their centre. When the wind is blowing the mountain is usually covered in a layer of clouds. As beautiful as the surrounding beaches and vineyards can be, it’s the rugged wilderness, coated in a unique flora, that is the focus of everyone´s attention. Some of the worlds most spectacular Real Estates are situated in Cape Town. After a few minutes of driving from the City Bowl over the mountain you get to Camps Bay and Llandudno, which are some of the most beautiful and stunning residential areas in Cape Town. Besides lonely beaches and rough wilderness, Cape Town is famous for vibrant nightlife, african markets, a variety of sports and very good food.
The many different faces on the streets, of the 4 Million people living in Cape Town, are proof of South Africa´s rainbow nation. Occasionaly you experience the remains of the Apartheid and there is still a big gap between rich and poor, but the country follows a very good path and one looks very optimistic into the future.

Camps Bay
Camps Bay and the closeby situated Clifton Beach are the In beaches of Cape Town. There are several Bars, Restaurants and Cafes along the Beach Road. Classic nightlife spots are Café Caprice and La Med.

Table Mountain and Lionshead

Table Mountain makes Cape Town one of the most beautiful towns in the world. A hike up Table Mountain is a must of every Cape Town trip. The views are spectacular and one can see most of the Cape, the City Bowl and the Suburbs. There are several possibilities to climb up the mountain, the route up the front is the fastest and takes about 1,5 hours. The route up the back of the mountain includes spectacular landscape settings and takes about 4 hours.
The hike up Lionshead next to Table Mountain is a classic one especially at full moon.


South Africa´s principal wineland is the country around Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. This area is also known as the Boland, meaning upland, a reference to the over 1500m high mountain range. Most of the winefarms have very beautiful gardens, are built in colonial tradition, and the food served is delicious. You can taste wine or do a wine tasting tour and enjoy the excellent South African wines.

Whale Watching
The waters around Cape Town are home to many whale species. One of the most famous whale watching spots is Hermanus, which is one hour away from Cape Town.

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